2012 Photos

2012 Gallery From Texas Joe

2012 Gallery From Bobbin – Small, with mostly photos from around BDV.

And Mindy’s Wedding
– A few pics taken at the wedding
and reception.

2012 Burning Man Gallery From Harpo

2011 Photos

2011 Gallery From Texas Joe

BDV Photos From Harpo

2011 Burning Man Gallery From Harpo

Fizzball Video From Harpo

2010 Photos

BDC 2010 Flickr Set

2010 Gallery From Texas Joe

2009 Photos

BDC 2009 Flickr Set

Unsorted Photos

Flickr #barbiedeathcamp

10 Years of Playa Photos


I have tried to salvage as much as possible while cleaning up dead links. Meanwhile if you have a photo collection from any year and would like to have it linked from here please pm me or post a link here. Please include the year of the collection (if known) and the name of the photographer.


All of the archives listed below have been lost except 2009.
If you know where they have been moved or how to access them please let me know.

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