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Welcome to June everybody and this month’s ever-exciting Barbie Death Village newsletter.  I know we’re still four days away, but I wanted to give everyone who hasn’t paid their dues plenty of time to get them in before they go up on June 1st.  I’ll touch on more of that later.  We are now entering the “getting serious about TTITD” mode so I will get right to the point.  Well, right after this which I don’t recall if I’ve shared it before.  Basically it say how great Barbie Death Camp is, but we know that already.  Enjoy!

There are two main topics that I want to begin with, tickets and placement within the Village.  Let’s start with tickets.  As of this writing we have requests for 38 tickets and 13 vehicle passes.  We are currently coming up short on both for our fellow Barbiebarians.  If you have an extra ticket and/or vehicle pass and have not as of yet let Chris Haworth know that they’re available, please do it today.  I would strongly suggest you get into S.T.E.P. and if that fails, the OMG sale in August is also an alternative.  But wait, there’s another option:  if you can manage to take The Burner Express on Saturday you can sign up for their package which includes bus fare ($80+ depending upon time and location of pick up), free Work Access Pass (formally Early Entry, more on that upcoming),and a $425 ticket!  There will be up to 1000 of these ticket packages for sale, so if you’re coming in from the East Coast, like Hottie and Danielle, or overseas, like the Irish Lads, this may be your best option.  Packages go on sale Wednesday, June 14 and the link with all of the important information is below.  If you take this option and need help hauling out your water, the camp will make arrangements to have 10 gallons (four 2.5 gallon “suitcases”) of water per person available.  This offer is only for those using the Express Ticket option.
Now about placement.  Julia has agreed to take on this task and for that we say “Thank You!”  If you know which sub-camp you want to be placed in already you need to let her know.  Also how much space you reasonably need.  Some of the various sub-camps include Barbie Day Spa, A Playa Home Companion, 13th Barbie,Kangaroo Court, Cantina Vida, Swamp Yankees, Clan O’Crash, Rocket Pad, Pizza Cats, We Got This, Hookers & Makers, ElectriCity, The Cocos Locos, Loose Nutz and a whole host of camps whose names I cannot print here because, well, this is a family publication.  All requests for sub-camps or getting your previous space back should be submitted to Julia no later than July 1.  Keep in mind we cannot mark 200+ camp spots so if you don’t group yourselves Julia will do it for you.  Priority for street-frontage goes to public-participation camps and mutant vehicles.  Street fronts should be friendly and open to visitors, well lit, and have no on-street vehicle parking.  And as always, the sacred precincts of Arson Circle will expand as necessary.  Barbie Death Camp & Wine Bistro and the Barbie“art” will have the front corner of the Village as usual.  We are requesting the same general area as last year (6:30 and E, stretching all the way to G) but there’s no guarantee that the BMOrg will honor that request.  We can be fairly certain we’ll have the same amount of space, just over four acres of prime playa real estate.
Let’s get dues out of the way.  Until Thursday, June 1 they are $100 for veterans and $150 for both newbies and those of you coming from overseas.  After the first they go up for everybody by another $50.  Please use our preferred method of payment PayPal using the regualr go-to addy or you can snail mail them to Doc.
I am happy to report we can check a major item off our list of things that the camp needs:  a piano.  Jon was able to secure a nice one off of Craigslist and it will be a welcome addition to Barbie Death Camp.  We also have a lead on a piano tuner on the playa, but still if anyone knows of one that would be willing to help us out on playa, please invite them along.  Can’t have too many piano tuners in our sphere of influence.  But in that regard, I want to thank Greg, AKA Spacer, from Simi Valley and his lovely wife Theresa for helping us out.
Speaking about things that we need, our sofas have to be replaced.  Because of the extremely wet winter we had there was no practical way to keep them dry, though Felony certainly gave it the ol’ college try.  I have no problem scouring Craigslist over the summer to replace our sofas.  But we need to have the small silver trailer towed and kept somewhere on the I-80 corridor, say between Sacramento and Applegate, so when we procure our sofas we have someplace convenient and comparatively close to store them.  Once we get back from TTITD the trailer can be returned to Felony’s in Placerville.  Please, can anybody offer up a little space for a few months?  Pretty please?
We have received word from the BMOrg that “Early Arrival Passes” are no more.  That are now called WAPs, which stands for Worker Access Pass.  This is to let people know in no uncertain terms that if you arrive early you are expected to work.  Our camp, in full compliance with the wishes of the BMOrg, are in complete agreement:  If you are awarded a WAP you will be put to work. Some of the issues we face include putting up the shade structures (seven 10’ X 20’ carports), building our shower, laying out and duct-taping together 2000 square feet of carpet in the main camp, arranging the Barbie “art”, hauling out the sofas and piano off of the trailers, running and getting me a beer, stringing the lights in the main camp, and many other menial and pointless tasks.  Check our Volunteer Spot for which tasks need to be undertaken and if you don’t have a link, contact Vulture Chow and she will hook you up.   We do have several dozen Friday and Saturday passes still available to anybody who absolutely needs one.
As you hopefully are aware, everyone who is granted placement in our Village is expected—nay, required—to contribute their time and labor to the general welfare of our campmates.  As previously mentioned Vulture Chow is in charge of the Volunteer Spot and this is where you will find what tasks need to be filled.  After looking over the list we are coming up miserably short in several areas.  I will highlight them by the day and ask that everyone sign up for several tasks. Most of them are fun, include alcohol and food, and aren’t necessarily very taxing.  Please sign up today.
SUNDAY: 7 p.m. Decorate the art cars (0 of 10 signed up)
MONDAY: 5 p.m.  Chili cooks (3 of 20 signed up, and we really do need chili cooks)
TUESDAY:  8 a.m. MOOP Patrol (1 of 10 signed up)
TUESDAY:  8 p.m.  Greeters Shift (11 of 42 signed up)
TUESDAY:  11 p.m. Taco Tuesday set-up (1 of 10), also need chicken, cooks and servers, and most everything else!
WEDNESDAY:  All morning Naked Bike Ride & Pub Crawl we need grapes, snacks, servers, etc.  And you don’t even have to get naked.
THURSDAY: 8 a.m. MOOP Patrol (2 of 10 signed up)
FRIDAY:  8 a.m. MOOP Patrol (0 of 10 signed up)
SATURDAY:  9 a.m. Pancake Pork-out bacon (4 of 20), butter/syrup, griddles (0 of 4), bartenders/servers (0 of 7), chefs (4 of 10)
And keep in mind, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.  So let’s not go Titanic on Barbie Death Village and sign up today.
I sent out the link a few days ago for our shirts and hats, but here it is again, just in case.    This is the only fundraiser that Barbie Death Village has so please, order a shirt or hat, m’kay?  The link is below:
For those of you who can navigate the internet, our website is or like us on FB .
We have a number of new Barbiebarians to add to our collective.  With Jesse say hello to Toni; with Flash we have Corinna from Germany, Charlotte from Great Britain, Tara who hails from Denver but lives in L.A. , Alejandro who is Dominican but lives in Canada, Paul who lives in NYC, Boris who is Russian but lives in L.A., and Kati who also lives in L.A.; with Alexis from Sacramento welcome Adriana and from Atlanta Andres ; with Chantelle we enlighten Lance and Marina; with Bjorn welcome Felicia; Sweet Alice is bringing along Danimal; Jewelz has invited veteran burner Johanna; with Brendan say hola to Carlos; and Drew is bringing along Tracy.
The Man burns in 96 days )’(
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson


NOTE: Email and home addresses have been removed from this newsletter - if you need to paypal/send anything please refer to the original copy (should have been mailed to all members) or ask around in the Facebook group
Welcome to  May everybody and this month’s oh-so-riveting Barbie Death Village newsletter.  Every year at this time we like to celebrate our favorite pseudo-holiday, and I’m referring of course to Beltane.  For many of you this is the greatest day of the year, and for the uninitiated, allow me to explain.  Beltane is the Gaelic May Day Festival.  The name originates from the Celtic god, Bel “the bright one” and the Gaelic word teine which means “fire”.  So Beltane translates to “bright fire” and what could be more  Burning Man than that?  And since so many of our fellow Barbiebarians are either Druids, wiccans, or Celtic neopagans, this comes as cultural relief indeed.  Keep in mind Beltane is associated in Irish mythology with “…special bonfires and their flames, smoke, and ashes which are deemed to have protective powers.”  So I have adopted Beltane which now of course makes me Druish.  But I digress.  As is my wont, I try to begin these tomes with something Barbie Death Camp related, and I came across this article.  We’re mentioned in the fifth picture in the piece which shows us during our Saturday Pancake Pork Out.  Enjoy!
We had a nice meeting early in April and were able to hash out people to be in charge of certain tasks.  We’re still short a few but we’ll address those one at a time.  We have two mechanics already signed on for the art vehicles, Matt and Sean, and we have drivers ready to schlepp them to TTITD:  Danger will be driving out the Barbie car and Jon will be hauling out The Cloud Car.   Both hope to be on the playa by Thursday.  We do need one more person to haul the silver trailer that contains our sofas, so if anyone can handle that (and it’s not particularly heavy) please let Felony know ASAP.  You will of course be guaranteed as many early arrival passes as you need.  We also need somebody to haul out the flatbed trailer that holds the piano, shade shelters, and whatever is left over in the storage shed.   Don has stepped up and is volunteering another 30 gallons of red wine for the wine bistro (welcome back, by the way!) and to that we say “Thank you!”
I suspect many of you are interested on the progress of the art vehicles. Not only are they registered but work has begun on getting them playa ready.  We met for a week in Silver Springs, NV and cleaned and rewired The Cloud Car, did some repairs on BarbieHouse, and secured a small storage shed to keep our vehicles’ valuables in. It seems some miscreant stole the four batteries needed to operate the smaller vehicle so we ponied up some bucks to see that doesn’t happen again.  Your camp dues at work.  We will have several more work parties before August. Our hope is to have them all decorated (we’re thinking of shrink-wrapping Cloud to protect it on the way to TTITD) and ready to go before the event begins.  Blowphish and I will get the fire cannons out there during the summer and Drew will be coordinating further work parties.  If you’re available we always could use your help.  I want to thank Wildman, Felony, Melissa, Jon, Tom, Lisa, Danger, Tina, Hornsby, Paula, Brooke, Anthony, Drew, Jess, Matt, Sean, Marvin and Sharen for helping out.  (My apologies if I left anyone off this list.) Apart from my hangover Sunday morning I thought everything went great!
We have our event coordinators for most of our major events.  Teri will be handling the Monday night Chili Cook-off as well as the Tuesday Midnight taco feed.  She will also be holding her Second Annual Bloody Barbie’s Bar Wednesday evening.  Wildman will be herding cats to handle Greeter’s Tuesday evening from 8 p.m. until midnight.    Vulture Chow and Sharen are co-heads of the Naked Bike Ride & Pub Crawl on Wednesday morning.  Bobbin/Brand X will be in charge of the ePlaya Meet & Greet Wednesday evening.  Thursday afternoon Vulture Chow and Graidawg will be heading up the Bum Wine Tasting Party.  Come Friday Morning Paula/Yummy Goodness will be in charge of body painting at Black Rock City Body & Paint for Critical T(.)(.)ts.  On Saturday morning Hornsby will be spearheading the Annual Sunset Red Memorial Pancake Pork-out and that evening Felony will be in charge of the On Playa Weenie Roast.  Sometime during the week both Felony and Sprinkles will be organizing our first-ever Barbie Death Village Flash Mob.  If you want to help out with any of these events, please sign up on our Volunteer Spot page (VC can get you the link if you don’t already have it) or contact the event leads personally.
Everyone knows that Barbie Death Village is the lap of luxury, especially by Burning Man standards.  Talk about your low-hanging fruit.  Be that as it may, one reason we’re the envy of every other village on the playa is that we are the only major village with our own garbage disposal service so you don’t have to haul out your filthy hippie-infested debris after the event is over.  Last year Wildman hauled out 6,090 pounds, more than three tons, of camp-generated garbage.  We will have the same program in effect this year.  For $5/bag or 3/$10 you will get your own 30-gallon trash bag to be hauled away on Tuesday after the event.  Please no human bodily waste or Democrats; Wildman only has so much tolerance.  We could use 30-40 people helping us clean up camp and load the trailer on Monday and Tuesday.  If you can help please let Wildman know.  Bags will be available throughout the week and to his efforts, we say “Gracias Wildman!”
Tickets.  We know many of you haven’t been able to secure them yet, and this is a problem we face every year.  And every year we manage to work it out because Barbie Death Village has its collective act together.  If you need a ticket or have one available, please contact Chris to get on the I-need-tickets list.  The Village will guarantee you will be paid if you are selling a ticket.  The same goes for vehicle passes.  Please DO NOT put your extra tickets in S.T.E.P.!  Your fellow Barbiebarians always come first.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to secure a ticket through S.T.E.P. or the OMG sale later this summer.  But rest assured, everyone who needs a ticket and is current on their camp dues will manage, somehow, to secure a ticket to Burning Man.
So let’s talk about dues.  This is the last month to get them in before they go up on June 1.  Veterans living in North America are asked to pony up $100.  All newbies and all camp veterans coming in from overseas will be assessed $150.  A month from today everyone’s dues go up by another fifty bucks, so please hurry and get your dues in ASAP.  You can use our preferred method, PayPal with Doc Pyro's email as the go-to addy or you can send your check (no cash please) snail mail to Jim Jacoby/8577 Balmoral Dr/Newcastle CA  95658.
We still have some early arrival passes available, especially for Friday and Saturday, for those of you needing to arrive before the event begins.  You will be put to work setting up shade structures, putting together The Barbie Box and shower, laying canvas in the center of camp, positioning the Barbie “art”, and a host of other menial and pointless tasks.  If you need a pass let Felony and me know as soon as you have figured out when you intend to arrive.
A wise man once said, “Always predict the worst and you’ll be hailed as a prophet.”  Just ask any Trump supporter. (See, I’m an equal opportunity political offender.)  Well, that idea segues to the fact our camp needs a piano tuner and they’re not exactly falling into our lap.  And a piano, but I’ll get to that in a moment.  If you know of anyone who can tune a piano attending TTITD or wants to go and needs a home and a job, Barbie Death Village will welcome them with both open arms and an early arrive pass.  If you do please let me know.  We have had a few leads on pianos but they’ve either fallen through or the people don’t know the difference from an upright piano and a console.  Jon has volunteered to pick up any (preferably free) piano in the general Sacramento area and then haul our old trashed one out to the dump.  If you know of anyone jonesing to get rid of a piano that’s in decent shape, let Jon know.  And please, no uprights or baby grands.  Our backs can take only so much.
There are several special events coming up in the general Sacramento area.  Danger and Hornsby will be heading up Golden Coast Adventure Faire in Elverta (Gibson Ranch) this coming Saturday and Sunday with all proceeds going to help The Rainbow Girls.  If you like pirates, debauchery, and strong drink (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) this is the event for you.  And this Thursday is the monthly Sacramento Burners Meet Up beginning around 6:30 at Bennie’s Bar & Grille, 20th and Q Streets in midtown.
For those of you who are internet-inclined, you can follow us on our website at or on Facebook
I would like to introduce our latest additions to Barbie Death Camp:  With Rellie from the OC welcome Kate; Grawg is bringing along Eian and Tina ; Danger and Tina are enlightening Lori and Tom; with Graidawg and VC we have Kayla.
The Man burns in 124 days )’(
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson