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Welcome to March everybody and another riveting Barbie Death Village newsletter.  As winter gives way to spring, I am reminded of a quote from Garrison Keillor in his book Lake Wobegon Days: “March is the month God created to show people who don’t drink what a hangover is like.”  Of course if you live in Alaska that month is called May, but I digress.  As usual we like to begin these newsletters with something Barbie Death Camp related.  Here is a link that, if your scroll down to Tuesday, describes us as “…the famed Barbie Death Camp…”  So take that Gigsville (and I for one don’t think we’re all that sick).  Enjoy!
Today is the day (well, technically yesterday) that if you were awarded Directed Group Sale tickets that they went on sale.  You must buy your tickets and vehicle pass before the end of the day today!  You should find your code under “Sparkly Things” on the Burner Profile link  Though the Burning Man website says you have until noon PST tomorrow to buy your DGS tickets, our experience has been that they close the sale as soon as they reach the upper limit on the amount of tickets available. In other words, get off of your rusty dusty and buy your tickets now.  (You can come back to this brilliant newsletter after you purchase your tickets.)  We know a number of you have been “inconvenienced” by having to share your link with a fellow Barbiebarian.  A few of you even had some rather choice words for me which will not be repeated here.  Keep in mind that getting a DGS ticket is a privilege and not a right.  Some of you we suspect won’t even be there early to set up much less stay late to help clean up, which places an undue burden on the rest of us.  Yet some are sniveling because “…I didn’t get enough tickets for all of my friends…”  Just be thankful you’re not like the other 90% of those denizens of Black Rock City—and a majority of members of Barbie Death Village—who have to go through the regular-way sale.
That said, and yes it was a rant because several of you have made our lives a living hell, registration for the regular-way sale begins at noon Wednesday, March 21(PDT) and ends 48 hours later.  The sale commences at noon on March 28.  You must be ready to buy your tickets the moment they go on sale.  They will be sold out, if history is any guide (and it is), in 47 minutes.  For a full explanation of tickets go to   There will be other opportunities to buy tickets before TTITD begins, but for dues-paying members of our camp we will have our in-village Ticket Exchange program up and running.  Last year we matched up over 40 people—essentially everyone who needed a ticket—with a ticket by mid-August.  Do not despair, everyone who needs a ticket will somehow manage to get one.  That’s why you are members of Barbie Death Village.  With that being said, I want to again thank Sharen and Chris for heading up the exchange this year.  If you have a ticket for sale or are in need of a ticket, reach out to them by email. 
On a related subject, let’s discuss vehicle passes.  Even though we all realize that this is nothing more than an unabashed rip-off so Larry Harvey and his ilk can do better drugs and drink high-end liquor at our expense, it is nonetheless a reality.  They only give one vehicle pass per pair of tickets.  Vehicle Passes will be available in the OMG sale come August. But what if you don’t get them there, then what?  In the past passes were available at Will Call.  So anybody in need of a VP come August who cannot manage to carpool with someone who has one, you will have priority on a Saturday Work Access Pass (early entry pass) in order to get your vehicle pass with the least amount of hassle.  You see, membership does indeed have its privileges.  This seems like a reasonable compromise where everybody comes out ahead.  Felony and I like to call it “enlightened camp leadership.”
A quick word on dues.  Until June 1 (when they go up for everybody by fifty bucks), dues for veterans coming in from North America are $100 and newbies are $150.  Everyone coming in from overseas will be assessed an additional $50.  You can use our preferred method of payment, using PayPal to Doc (NOTE:  This is not the same email address that the newsletter is usually sent from) or snail mail to Doc's home address. (Check the email newsletter if you need this info, or ask us! You can send a message to the FB page.)
It is that time of year when we begin choosing people to head up various committees in order to streamline the work that needs to be done to make a camp likeBarbie Death Camp run like a well-oiled machine.  We are assuming—perhaps hoping is a more accurate word—that the same people who headed up various tasks last year will do the same this year.  We hate reinventing the wheel.  Here are some of the committees that need to be ran, and if you’d like to help please let Felony know ASAP.  We hope to have our Volunteer Spot up and running shortly to better simplify the process. (Some days are approximate) Pre-event SATURDAY and SUNDAY: Pizza/lasagna feed; MONDAY:  “I Won Burning Man”, Chili Cook Off; TUESDAYGreeter’s Shift, taco feed; WEDNESDAY: Eplaya Meet & Greet (Brand X) and the Bloody Barbies Party, Naked Bike Ride & Pub Crawl, Tour de Franzia;  THURSDAYBum Wine Tasting Party, Fizzball; FRIDAY: BRC Body & Paint opens for business for Critical T(.)(.)ts, ladies 3-hour mutant vehicle art tour; SATURDAY: Pancake Pork-out, art vehicles to the playa for The Burn, On-Playa Weenie Roast.  Also remember we need people to help head up mutant vehicle decoration, registration, and flame effects, daily MOOP sweeps, lumpia feed most midnights, and on it goes.
No word yet on shirts and hats for 2018.  I do know that Stu said he is working on the design and should have a PDF soon.
Hottie, one of our long-time Barbiebarians, has moved out to Northern California (Auburn) from Florida and is looking for a place to rent.  If you know of someplace affordable please let her know. (Her contact info is in the email version of the newsletter).
For those of you in the market for a smaller yet very functional mutant vehicle, Mike and Bobbi have one for sale.  It is playa-tested and works like a beaut.  Mike’s cost to build it was 15 grand but he’s asking to let it go for $9500.  Contact Mike. And just  a reminder, Marty still has his MV for sale as well.   (Both of their contact info are in the email version of the newsletter).
Now to introduce our newbies.  With Ingeouss and their new sub-camp Robacchus, welcome Rongo; with Bobbi and Mike we have Bonnie and Ken; with Gary from Texas welcome Mike, Gretchen, and Dana; from the Czech Republic joining Adela welcome Jiri and Milan; with Kaspr say hello to Wendy; and finally, with Perry we welcome aboard Troy.
I would also like to note that our good friends A Playa Home Companion are also going independent this year and they absolutely will be missed.  So if any veteranBarbiebarians know of an established camp looking for placement in (and thus joining) the most revered Village on the playa, please let Felony and me know so we can do the vetting process.  It looks like we will have space within the Village for several new sub-camps should we be so inclined.
And on a personal note, for those who might be interested in tying the knot in holy matrimony, I have become an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church and can legally perform weddings in the State of California.  I already have my first assignment on March 18 for a couple of lovebirds who met at the most romantic camp on the playa, I am referring of course to Barbie Death Camp.  Let the party begin!
The Man burns in 184 days )’(
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson
NOTE: Email and home addresses have been removed from this newsletter - if you need to paypal/send anything please refer to the original copy (should have been mailed to all members) or ask around in the Facebook group
Welcome to February everybody and another riveting Barbie Death Village newsletter.  This time of year I am somehow reminded of a quote by William Shakespeare fromMuch Ado About Nothing: “Why, what’s the matter, That you have such a February face, So full of frost, of storm and cloudiness?”  But as winter will lead us to spring, my mindless ramblings will lead us to yet another newsletter.  As usual, I like to begin with something Barbie Death Camp related,  and if you scroll down to picture 19, this proves that our camp is amongst the most interesting things and places to see at Burning Man.  As if we didn’t already know that.  Enjoy!
We begin this newsletter on the subject on most of your minds:  Tickets.  As of this writing, we have not been awarded any Directed Group Sale tickets.  Both Felony and I believe that we will receive some DGS tickets, but until we hear from the BMOrg nobody will be guaranteed tickets.  But since we’re a glass-half-full kind of camp let’s go with the assumption some tickets will be available, though we anticipate far fewer than last year.  Naturally demand is always higher than supply, so if we are granted a certain number of DGS tix and you have requested but were denied access, trust us it’s only because some people are more indispensable than others.  Beginning on Tuesday, February 13 the DGS form opens.  We have 10 days to put your name on a list, including email and an up-to-date Burner Profile, and have it to the BMOrg.  DGS tickets then go on sale at noon PST Wednesday, February 28.  You absolutely, positively must be able to buy your tickets within the first 30 minutes that they go on sale!!!  If there is any chance whatsoever you will not be able to access a computer during that finite window, you will not be granted a link for tickets.  Period.   Last year we lost 6% of our tickets because of this snafu and we don’t want to repeat that mistake again.  Each link, assuming the process is the same as last year, is good for two tickets, and you must buy both as a pair.  We have plenty of people willing and able to take the oddball ticket off of your hands.  Tickets are $425 plus the on-going usurious fees inflicted on us by Larry Harvey and his gang of drug-idled sycophantic minions.  Anyone whose dues are not paid will not receive a DGS ticket.  We will send out a special newsletter once we know for certain how many, if any, DGS tickets become available.
There are going to be Low Income Tickets available, though this has nothing to do with Barbie Death Village and you may not apply for both Low Income and DGS tickets.  Low Income applications open on Wednesday, February 14.  For those of you having to go to the Main Sale to get tickets—and that is certainly a majority of you—registration opens on Wednesday, March 21 and the sale will commence on Wednesday, March 28 at noon PDT.  You can only register to buy tickets on the Main Sale if you have not previously bought tickets through the Directed Group Sale.  For further information click on this link
Several final notes on tickets:  You may not, as a group, control more than four DGS tickets.  Last year we had several groups/camps needing up to eight tickets which places an undue burden on everyone else.  Please keep this in mind.  Also there are several people who will be expecting DGS tickets because they’ve received them in the past who will not be granted them this year.  That is due to the fact a handful of you vanished when it came to clean up camp—some for the second time in two years—and we will not tolerate that kind of disrespectful behavior any longer.  You have been forewarned.
On a related subject, we have Work Access Passes.  These were previously known as Early Arrival Passes, which is precisely what they allow you to do.  Certainly if we get DGS tickets we’ll have an equal, or greater, number of WAPs.  We are going to be somewhat stingy (depending upon how many we actually get) handing them out this year and priority will go to those arriving Friday or earlier to set up the Village as well as those staying until Monday or even Tuesday to help clean up the Village.  Of course anyone hauling out Village infrastructure will be on the priority list as well.  You must let both Felony and me know when you plan on arriving and departing and how many are in your party and you must be able to justify being awarded a WAP.  Several camps lost their WAPs privileges the past several years and we are not going to be the next casualty.
Now a quick word on dues.  Most of you know the drill.  Until June 1, veterans are $100 and newbies or veterans living outside of North America are $150.  Newbies from outside of North America are therefore $200.  We prefer using PayPal (make sure you’re “sending to a friend” so we’re not charged 3%).  You can also use snail mail. Please do not send cash.  We have already heard from a number of you and for that we say “Thank you!” NOTE: Check FB group or email version for the email addresses/snail mail addresses!
This may come as a surprise to many of you, but we are actually in the market for more Barbies.  So many got trashed last year, and we were gifted very few, we need to replace them for our “art instillation”.  I intend to repair and replace most of the planks, about 52 in all, over the spring and summer (you camp dues at work!) and yes, I could use some help.  If you’re particularly adroit at drilling holes in Barbie’s ass have I got a job for you.  But I digress.
We have ordered new Barbie Death Camp stickers.  They are the same size and lettering as in the past and this year’s color schemes are black  background with white lettering, black lettering on pink background, and red lettering on black background.  If you would like any or all of these, shoot me an email and I’ll have them off to you shortly.
As you probably are aware, everyone who stays in our Village will be assigned to a sub-camp.  It is never too early to begin the process of space requests.  If you need street frontage with enough space for interactive activities, please let Julia know ASAP.  You can begin making your space requests by contacting Julia by email.
Speaking of sub-camps, one of our anchor camps for many years, Cantina Vida, has decided to go independent this year and form their own private hacienda somewhere on the playa.  We do wish them well and naturally they can return whenever they please.  This does free up to the campmates that remain with Barbie Death Village those tickets, so there will be six more available to Barbiebarians in good standing.
We would like to welcome a number of newbies to Barbie Death Village.  From London, England with Logan say hello to Gina; from Jersey welcome Vulture Chow’s mom Sherry; from Waterford we have Betsy; Blowphish is enlightening his son, let’s call him Minnow; with Brendan we have Kevin; with Lake Tahoe Lori say howdy to Randy and Rebecca; from Los Angeles with Matt we have veteran burners Scott and Alissa; with Pumbaa welcome Rachel; joining Amy from L.A. we have Jeannie; coming in from the Czech Republic there’s AnetaThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_blank">, HonzaFilip, and Adela; with Christina meet her main squeeze Tanner;  with ElectriCity we have Creigan and Amandaand finally Hottie is bringing along her friend from Germany Irina along with her lovely daughters Sadie and Tealie.
If you would like to follow us on the internet, our website is or like us on Facebook .  I would also like to thank Big Red for heading up our IT department again this year.
And finally, our good friend Marty has a mutant vehicle for sale, the Gerlach Stage Company.  It was built on a Chevy S-10 frame and it’s V6 engine has plenty of power.   It comes with a new battery and has a hookup for a second battery.  It has a 105 amp alternator, which will produce plenty of 12 volt power.  The frame is made out of steel box tubing and because of the strong frame he has had up to 19 people on the MV at once.  He also has plans for flame effects if you want that sort of thing.  And here’s the really good part:  The BMOrg DMV has put the Gerlach Stage Company on the direct sales list for two tickets and two work access passes.  All of this is yours for the giveaway price of $4000.  Pictures available upon request.  You can contact Marty by email. 
NOTE: Check FB group or email version for the email addresses/snail mail addresses!
The Man burns in 212 days.
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson