NOTE: Email and home addresses have been removed from this newsletter - if you need to paypal/send anything please refer to the original copy (should have been mailed to all members)
Welcome to March everybody!  As it has been said in the past,  “March: In like a lion, out like a lamb.”  Considering that some of us were about ready to build an ark in the past two weeks, out like a lamb sounds like a refreshing change indeed.  As usual, we like to try and start our Barbie Death Village newsletters off with something camp-related.  Here is a shot of a lady who didn’t even know she was at Barbie Death Camp but found herself inside of Rob and Yvonne’s Barbie box.  Hope she had a good time.
Today is the day that if you have been awarded Directed Group Sale tickets that they go on sale, beginning at noon PST.  You should find your code under “Sparkly Things” on your Burner Profile page.  Though the Burning Man website claims you have 48 hours to buy them, the last two years they shut down sales in under an hour. In other words, I don’t believe a word Larry & Co. says.  Please be ready to buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale.  We know a number of you have been “inconvenienced” by having to share your link with a fellow Barbiebarian.  A few of you even had some rather choice words for me which will not be repeated here.  Keep in mind that getting DGS tickets is a privilege and not a right.   Some of you we suspect won’t even be there early to set up much less late to clean up, which places an undue burden on the rest of us.  Yet you’re sniveling because you “…didn’t get enough tickets for all my friends…”  Just be thankful you’re not like the other 98% of those denizens of Black Rock City—and a majority of members of Barbie Death Village—who have to go through the regular-way sale.
That said, and yes it was a rant because several of you have made our lives a living hell, registration for regular way sales begins on March 22 and the actual sale commences at noon PDT Wednesday, March 29.  You must be ready to buy your tickets the moment they go on sale.  They will be sold out, if history is any guide, in 47 minutes.  For a full explanation on tickets, go to   There will be other opportunities to buy tickets before TTITD begins, but for dues-paying members of our camp we will have our in-village Ticket Exchange program.  Last year we matched up over 30 people who didn’t have tickets with tickets by mid-August.  Do not despair, everyone who needs a ticket will manage to get one.  That’s why you are members of Barbie Death Village.  With that being said, I would like to thank Chris Haworth who will be heading up the exchange this year, along with the guidance of Sharen who did such a fine job the past two years.  If you have a ticket for sale or are in need of a ticket, reach out to Chris (more info in the email version of the newsletter).
On a related subject, let’s discuss vehicle passes.  Even though we all realize this is nothing more than an unabashed rip-off so Larry Harvey and his ilk can do better drugs and drink high-end liquor at our expense, it is nonetheless a reality.  They only give one vehicle pass per pair of tickets. Vehicle passes will be available in the OMG sale come August.  But what if you don’t get them there, then what?  In the past passes were available at Will Call.  So anybody in need of a vehicle pass come August who cannot manage to carpool with someone who has one, you will have priority on a Saturday Early Arrival pass in order to get your vehicle pass with the least amount of hassle.  This seems like a reasonable compromise where everyone comes out ahead.  Felony and I like to call it “enlightened camp leadership.”
A quick word on dues.  There seems to be some confusion for those coming in from outside of North America.  As was spelled out in the State of the Village newsletter and the January newsletter, those of you coming in from overseas are asked to pony up an additional $50.  The reason is simple:  For the most part, people flying in from Europe or Australia by the very nature of the logistics involved, tend to contribute less to the establishment of Barbie Death Village yet consume, on average, more of the resources than their domestic counterparts.  We are simply evening the playing field.  For everyone else, veterans are asked to pay $100 and newbies $150 until June 1.  You can use our preferred method of payment, using PayPal (note: this is NOT the same email address as the newsletter is sent from, check the email newsletter for the correct one) or snail mail to the address in the email version of this newsletter. If you don't have it, ask in the FB group we will be glad to answer.
One of our long-time Barbiebarians, Bernie from Calgary, will not be joining us this year.  In the past he headed up our Greeter’s Shift, which will be on Tuesday evening from 8 p.m. until midnight.  Afterwards we have our Tuesday Taco Feed, but I digress.  We need somebody to herd the cats for this endeavor.  It is not a very hard job—as long as we have art vehicles to schlepp our greeters everything else sort of falls into place—but someone needs to crack the whip.  If you’d like that duty please let Felony and me know in the next several months.
No word yet on shirts and hats for 2017.  I do know that Stu is intending to put the year on this year’s apparel.   We had hoped to have a PDF by now, but with so much going on we likely will need to wait until April. 
We would like to introduce our newbies, all 21 of them, to our camp.  From Florida Hottie has invited Daniell ; Yaqui is bring his cousin Luis and his wife Carrisa; Finn is enlightening Tom ; with Cantina Vida say hello to Barbara and Albert ; I have invited longtime burners Jon and Sylvia; Danger is bringing his sister Mariah and his friend Richard ; we also have Brian; Mike is bringing his wife Kathryn ; Rachel has invited Victor ;  with The **** Guys welcome Smitten Kitten  and Jammin ; with Pigmann we have Debbie and Terry ; with Big Dan returning to us is Maraia; and from Maui with KC meet veteran burners Chad and Kristen.
For those of you in the greater Sacramento area (and in selected cities across the country too numerous to mention here), on Saturday, March 18 beginning at 1 p.m. is Brides of March!  Get an old wedding dress from Salvation Army, Goodwill, or St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop and join us at The Mercantile Saloon, 1928 L Street in midtown, and be ready for a pub crawl that will not only turn heads but if history is any indication, get us on the news!  A splendid time is guaranteed for all.  Oh, and guys, keep in mind men’s sizes are not analogous to women’s sizes, especially in wedding gowns. I know mine is a bit tight in the bust and makes my butt look fat.
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The Man burns in 185 days )’(
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson