NOTE: Email and home addresses have been removed from this newsletter - if you need to paypal/send anything please refer to the original copy (should have been mailed to all members) or ask around in the Facebook group
In less than two weeks the first of our Villagemates will be hard at work on the playa, so this newsletter will be strictly to the point.
We want to remind everyone who is driving in to make sure to place a tarp underneath your vehicle to catch oil drippings, etc.  But more importantly, if you spill something toxic, such as black water or gasoline, or you encounter a spill in camp and cannot completely clean it up yourselves, notify Wildman or Felony ASAP.  This in no way will affect your standing in the camp where not reporting it certainly will.
Julia has been hard at work finalizing the Barbie Death Village map—no easy task, let me assure you—and she has done another magnificent job.  It is available upon request.  She has placed, within the limits of human capacity, 271 of you in nearly two dozen sub-camps.  When you arrive on the playa and are being placed, please recognize this in an inexact science and try to not overreach on space.   The BMOrg cut us back by half an acre but we have 40 more people than last year, so your patience is appreciated.  In other words, cut us some slack.
If you are available August 21 to August 24 and are in the general Carson City/Dayton area, Drew really could use your help securing the mutant vehicles to their respective flatbed trailers so they can safely be hauled out to the desert.  Please contact Drew ASAP if you think you can be of help.
We have a number of openings that need to be filled in our Volunteer Spot.  Here are the days and what needs to be done.  The numbers in parentheses—for example (14/20)—are the number of volunteers we have versus the number we need to step up.
MONDAY, AUGUST 28:  Chili chefs (14/20) for the cook off.
TUESDAY, AUGUST 29:  Greeters (29/42); Taco feed needs chicken, lettuce, cheese, and servers (3/12); also not on the list, we need people to help load the wine in bags on ice for the NBR&PC Tuesday evening.
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30:  For the Naked Bike Ride & Pub Crawl, we need snacks like chips/salsa, cheese, meat and crackers, etc. (1/10)  Wildman also needs seedless grapes to freeze in liquid nitrogen, and I’m not kidding either.
SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2:  For the Pancake Pork-out, electric griddles (1/4), gas/propane griddles (2/12), O.J. (3/6), butter and syrup (3/7), bacon (11/20), and though it’s “filled”, we always could use more pancake batter mix.
SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 3:  Bulk trash & burn barrel loading (7/15), Art Car tear down (8/16),Barbie Death Village teardown (15/25 though everyone should be doing this job)
As of right now our most pressing need in my opinion, which is why I underlined it and put it in italics, is the severe shortage of cooks with (preferably) gas or propane griddles for the Pancake Pork-out.  Without griddles we can’t cook our pancakes or bacon.  If you can help we sincerely would appreciate it.  Hornsby is in charge of the feed.
I mentioned Wildman and frozen grapes.  Allow me to elaborate.  We all know Wildman is a true Renaissance Man, like a celestial spirit right out of the Sixteenth Century.  I mean, just look at him and tell me he isn’t 450 years old.  But I digress.  During the entire week he uses liquid nitrogen (kids, don’t try this at home) to flash-freeze grapes, Otter Pops, gin, or anything else you can imagine in literally seconds on the playa.  And frozen grapes seem to be very popular indeed, so he has requested that people bring along a bunch or two of seedless grapes to serve to the dusty denizens of Black Rock City.  So please, if you can help out, he’d appreciate it.
Work Access Passes.  They will be available for downloading and printing sometime between today and Tuesday, August 15.  This is an inexact science as well (it’s ran by burners after all) so please, just check into your email that you have used for your Burner Profile and look for an email from TicketFly.  You must print it up yourself and no, carrying it on your phone like a ticket to a Lady Gaga concert will NOT work.  There are a few WAPs available for Saturday, but those will all be handled through me.  If you need a WAP and you haven’t already requested one, you must plead your case with me.  Good luck with that.  But if you succeed, you can pick it up at the Pre-Playa-Party.
Which segues nicely into that wonderful event.  The Pre-Playa-Party (note the earlier start time) is a week from Saturday, August 19 beginning at noon at my home.  We will load the flatbed trailer with the piano, shade structures, crucifixes, gallows, ice chests, and whatever else we can cram on.  Then kick back for a BBQ with hamburgers (even veggie burgers) and beer, all brought to you by your good friends atBarbie Death Camp.  The pool will be open and kids are welcome.  Please let me know if you can make it.  This is open to all burners in the general area, not just Barbiebarians.  The reason the party is starting early is that a number of people, including yours truly, are heading up to Oregon for the eclipse, so changes were in order.
We really need people to help schlep the Barbie planks out to the desert.  We have just over 50 of them and if you haul them out you’re respectfully requested to haul them back as well.  If we can get eight or ten people to each take five or six planks, we’ll be set.  They can be picked up anytime between now and the Pre-Playa-Party.
There still are a few tickets, at least as of this writing, floating around.  It seems everyone who needed tickets and/or vehicle passes got them.  Thank you Chris H for the fine coordination of this thankless endeavor.  Jack may still have a pair of tickets and a vehicle pass.  Contact him directly if you are interested.
It’s not too late to take advantage of the Barbie Death Camp Reno Hotel Deal.  We have taken down two floors at the Sands Regency beginning Sunday, August 20 and lasting until Wednesday, September 6.  You must call (866) FUN-STAY [(866) 386-7829] and ask forBARBIE17.  The Sands Regency has a free sauna, large Jacuzzi, and steam bath with ice machines on every floor, large swimming pool, and ample free parking.  There is even covered free parking you can use for the duration of the week if you’re carpooling to the playa.  There is a free shuttle to and from the Reno airport and the Sands is five blocks from the Amtrak station.
If you have a coveted WAP and are coming in from Northern California on Saturday, August 26, don’t forget our Burner Caravan, meeting up at the Boreal Ridge rest area (CA exit 176 off of I-80 eastbound) at 9:15 a.m.  We will take off for the playa at 9:30 sharp.  Let me know if you’re going to be part of the posse!
On a final note, I want to thank everyone who has helped during the year with working on the art vehicles, helping to load and unload the storage shed, driving the trailers to and from the playa, welding our new burn barrel and making new crucifixes, doing IT support for our Facebook page and newsletter, organizing our Volunteer Spot, keeping track of who-is-staying-where within the Village, and general cat-herding.  You know who you are and so do we, and The Best Damn Theme Camp On The Playa couldn’t operate without each and every one of you.  It was once said that Barbie Death Camp is the closest thing that Black Rock City has to royalty.  Truer words were never spoken.
To follow us on the internet, check out our Facebook page or our website
I would like to introduce our newest newbies to Barbie Death Village:  With Alexis, welcome Mike ; with The Pizza Cats we have Riles, Gabby , Jessica , Guy , and Vahan; and joining Danger welcome Brittany.
See you in the dust.  The Man burns in 24 days.
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson