NOTE: Email and home addresses have been removed from this newsletter - if you need to paypal/send anything please refer to the original copy (should have been mailed to all members)
Welcome to February everybody!  A year ago today were the Iowa caucuses and now we have a new President reigning over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Not what we necessarily expected a year ago, but what the hell.  But since our Village has had a no-politics drama-free philosophy lo these many years, this newsletter will adhere to those principles as well.  As always we like to try to start these brilliant tomes off with something Barbie Death Camp related.  You may not have realized this (I know I certainly hadn’t) but we were one of “The Most Chic Camps at Burning Man” in 2016.  Scroll down just to the third picture and see for yourselves.
We begin this newsletter on the subject on most of your minds:  Tickets.  As of this writing, we have not been awarded any Directed Group Sale tickets.  Both Felony and I expect that we will, but until we hear from the BMOrg nobody will be guaranteed tickets.  But since we’re a glass-half-full kind of camp let’s go with the assumption tickets will be available.  Naturally demand is always higher than supply, so if we are granted a certain number of DGS tix and you have requested but were denied access, trust us it’s only because some people are more indispensable than others.  Beginning on February 14, the DGS sale form opens.  We have 10 days to put your name on a list, including email and an up-to-date Burner Profile, and have it to the BMOrg.  DGS tickets go on sale at noon PST, March 1.  You absolutely, positively must be able to buy your tickets within the first 30 minutes that they go on sale!!!  If there is any chance whatsoever you will not be able to access a computer during that finite window, you will not be granted a link for tickets.  Period.  Each link, assuming it is the same process as last year, is good for two tickets, and you must buy both tickets as a pair.  We have plenty of people willing and able to take the oddball ticket off of your hands.  Tickets are $425 plus the on-going usurious fees inflicted on us by Larry Harvey and his gang of sycophantic minions.  In order to get a DGS ticket you must have your dues paid and post a refundable (if you do the proper work before or after the event) $100 deposit.  We will send out a special newsletter once we know for certain how many, if any, DGS tickets become available.
There are going to be Low Income tickets available, though this has nothing to do with Barbie Death Village and you may not apply for both Low Income and DGS tickets.  Low Income applications open February 15.  Applications for regular tickets opens on March 22 and the sale will begin at noon PDT on Wednesday, March 29.  For further information on ticket sales please go to the Tickets page and check it out for yourself.
On a related subject, we have Early Arrival passes.  Certainly if we get DGS tickets we’ll have an equal, or greater, number of EA passes.  We are going to be somewhat stingy (depending upon how many we actually get) handing them out this year and priority will go to those arriving Friday or earlier to set up the Village as well as those staying until Monday or even Tuesday to clean up the Village.  Of course anyone hauling out Village infrastructure will be on the priority list as well.  You must let both Felony and me know when you plan on arriving and departing and how many are in your party and you must be able to justify being awarded an EA pass.  Several camps lost their EA privileges last year and we aren’t going to be the next casualty.
A quick note on dues.  Most of you know the drill.  Until June 1, veterans are $100 and newbies and those living outside of North America are $150.  We prefer using PayPal (make sure you’re “sending to a friend” so we’re not charged 3%) with the usual go-to addy.  You can also use snail mail to Jim Jacoby @ his home address.  We’ve already heard from a good number of you and to that we say “Thank you!”
Now it’s time to start spending our dues.  If anybody is available Saturday, April 8 through Saturday, April 15, we need an art car work party to assemble just outside of Fernley, NV.  I intend to be there Thursday, April 13 in the evening working through Good Friday (the Stock Market is closed on Good Friday).  Drew will be out from Connecticut and needs all the help he can get.  If you can make it, please respond to Drew and Jess and I will spring for beer.  Well, at least while I’m there getting in the way and barking out senseless orders.
Stu has a preliminary design for this year’s shirts and hats, all in line with the theme “Radical Ritual”.  This year there will be an option for men’s tank top as well as the other designs and styles.  We hope to have a pdf order sheet available by the March newsletter.  Any questions can be addressed directly to Stu.
We need a new piano.  Three years on the playa will destroy most anything.  If you know of somebody who has a piano and is willing to give it up for free, we can either scrounge up movers or pay to have it hauled to Newcastle.  We do not want large uprights as they weigh too much.  Console pianos and spinets are the best.  Also if you can help move the piano, that would be terrific.  I know beggars can’t be choosers, but the piano needs to be in decent shape (no broken strings or keys) because we take pride on having one of the best in-tune pianos on the playa.  After all, who doesn’t like being serenaded by the likes of me?
We would like to welcome some newbies to Barbie Death Village.  With Paul welcome back Jessica; with Brooke we have Anthony and Sarah; and with Bob from New York say hello to Christina.
And just a reminder for those in the general Sacramento region:  The Monthly Burner Meet-up will be at Bennies Bar & Grille, 20th and Q St in midtown Sacramento.  Festivities kick off between 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.  I intend to be there since starting Monday, February 6 I go 30 days without any alcohol so I’ll need to really tie one on.
And if you want to follow us on the internet, our website is or like us on Facebook .
The Man burns in 213 days )’(
Respectfully submitted,
Doc Pyro & Felony Arson