Happy Valentine’s Day, fellow Barbiebarians!  We have been awarded Directed Group Sale tickets from the BMOrg.  We have some happy news:  We have received about a dozen more than last year, a total of 96 tickets (48 pairs).  Everyone who has paid their dues and have sent in the $100 DGS deposit by 9:00 a.m. this morning will get tickets.  You must buy your tickets as a pair.  Many of you have requested one (1) ticket.  Felony and I are going to try to match singles up as “a pair”.  We will let you know who you are paired with.  From that point the two of you can work it out together.  We hope to have all of that accomplished by Monday, February 27.  At 12:00 noon sharp PST on March 1 these tickets go on sale.  Last year they cut off the sale at 12:47 p.m. so figure you have 30 minutes to buy your tickets.  If you cannot buy your tickets during that window, please let us know!  Last year we had several people who flaked on buying their tickets and they were lost.  You know who you are and so do we.  Those people,  even if they’ve paid their dues and DGS deposit, will get last priority or, if we fill up, not be allowed to buy tickets on the DGS sale.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you.  Felony has the list of those who blew it last year.  We mean what we say:  One strike and you’re out.
I want to put this in a separate paragraph:  If you have not bothered to send in your dues already, your chances of getting a DGS ticket is very slim.  We have 96 tickets and 91 people have so far requested them.  Many of those have not paid the DGS $100 deposit, but their dues are in and that is what matters.  We will distribute the links tomorrow.
You must have an updated Burner Profile https://profiles.burningman.org/ on file.  The email address you use in the Burner Profile must match the email you have with us.  If you are using a different email address, you must let us know.  Otherwise they will not match and your ticket will be lost.  We are not responsible for inaccurate or incomplete information.  Radical self-reliance, remember?  Last year several of you sniveled that you were unable to update your Profile in time.  Tough.  You have 10 days to accomplish the task.  And if you are signing up for Low Income Tickets you absolutely positively will not be allowed in the DGS sale.  The BMOrg has an agreement with the Villages and we are not going to compromise the integrity of Barbie Death Camp over this issue.  We risk losing all of our DGS tickets should just one person sign up for both.  Is that draconian?  Yes.  But they have to draw the line somewhere I suppose.
We have a lot of people who have paid dues but have not requested DGS tickets.  Do not assume that if you’ve paid your dues you automatically are enrolled for DGS tickets!  Since so many people get tickets elsewhere (i.e. Artery, medical, Gate & Perimeter, Rangers, DMV/Mutant Vehicle, etc.) we have no way of knowing whether or not you’ve secured them elsewhere.  We are not clairvoyant.  You must request DGS tickets as wellas early arrival passes.  Please use the go-to addy from this point forward to request DGS tickets.  If you do not ask you will not receive.
We will have more requests than tickets, so here is the pecking order on who gets tickets:
1)      Everyone hauling in Village infrastructure (California or Nevada residents)
2)      Everyone involved with laying out the Village (Wednesday, Thursday early arrivals)
3)      Seniority with dues and DGS deposit paid
4)      Newbies with dues and DGS deposit paid
5)      People who like me
6)      Everyone else with just dues paid
7)      If you’re this low on the pecking order, forget about it.

We will be setting up our Barbie Death Village ticket exchange program for those after March 1 needing tickets or wishing to sell tickets.  We have not finalized how it’s going to work, but I have a hunch I just might end up doing it since all the tickets ultimately flow through either Felony or me.  Keep in mind last year everyone in our Village who, come August, needed a ticket was able to secure a ticket through ticket exchange.  So don’t be that guy who doesn’t pay your dues because “…I might not get a ticket…”  Grow a pair. You’ll get a ticket.  We’ve been doing this for 18 years so we have a pretty good handle on what we’re doing.
If you have any logistical questions and you want to address them to me directly, please call me from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday or email me your questions at the regular address.  Frankly I’d rather talk with you than do it via email, but that’s just me.
There will be the regular newsletter coming out on March 1 which will go over any new developments and if something comes up that either Felony or I feel is earthshattering, we will send out another special newsletter.
Good luck and keep your fingers crossed.
The Man burns in 200 days )’(
Respectfully submitted,

Doc Pyro & Felony Arson