Barbie Death Village has been placed.  They have moved us back to the other side of the playa.  Our address this year is 4:00 and Eulogy.  We are on 3.6 acres as opposed to 4.1 last year, so we have about 12% less space.  Please when requesting camp space and placement through Julia try and be conservative with your requests

Also if you have requested Work Access Passes (the old "early entry pass") you must go to the main Burning Man website and update or create if you don't already have one a Burner Profile.  If you do not sign up we will be unable to get you a WAP.  If you would like one for Friday or Saturday and can stay until Monday to help clean up the Village, email Doc who will try and hook you up.
Next newsletter due out on Saturday.
The Man burns in 66 days )'(